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Qualified and experience tutor & Bachelor of  Engineer in Electrical & electronic Engineering (BENG)


  • I am a qualified and experienced Maths tutor, with years teaching experiences in Adult education and private tuition in London. My tuition is based on students need and requirement, I provide teaching materials.
  •  I feel I have gained invaluable skills in my field. I have proven ability to produce suitable learning / teaching materials and to co-operate with other colloquies to teach in a Varity of situations. I have learnt to keep record of the student’s progress and also follow the syllabus and also to prepare an appropriate syllabus and to keep records of work covered.
  • In my opinion my lecturer is required to structure and organise learning according to the needs, ability, interest, pervious experience of students.
  • I am basically a subject specialist but I do need to be aware of the different abilities of the students and to tailor my deliveries accordingly. This may require me to do some one to one, as well as group work. I think planning is important, especially choice of learning materials design. I design a lot of my own materials. I find IT skills are vital.
  • From the wide range of learning methods available, techniques should be matched to the method of learning to be applied.
  • Assessment procedures are also important consideration in curriculum development and it helps to diagnose of strength and weakness, and it can be a useful guidance in decision making regarding to student’s placement in appropriate course and prediction of students performance.
  • I have also ability for monitoring, reviewing and evolution of the course and students. The monitoring processes identify the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning procedures and also give rise to the modification for future planning consideration.
  • The other important components of facilitating learning are:
  • To identify and analysing need which may include training needs relating to an individual or group, the success of curriculum design and objective measured by the degree to which knowledge of psychology of learning has been applied to the planning of learning experiences.

I have a great understanding of Equal opportunities policies and the ability to teach in a multi cultural and multi racial classroom. My understanding of the equal opportunities is not discriminating any one for her / his race, age, sex, sexual behaviour and religious